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CV Tirta Mandiri, our core business in Water Treatment, Installation Services/ assembly for Reverse Osmosis ( RO) system ( both residential and Industry) and instruments for Water Treatment ( manual & automatitation) .
our official website www.desalite.com or www.filterairminum.com
CV Tirta Mandiri have experience in :
1. Consulting Services in Water Treatment and RO System
2. Assembly
3. Sale Spareparts
4. Experience Technical Support
5. Water Treatment training
6. Water treatment for Home industri ( Refill outlet) , mnufacturing, Sukabumi, Bandung, Padang, Bukittinggi, Payakumbuh, Pekanbaru, Belitung, Pontianak, Rembang , Ambarawa, Boyolali , Yogya , Madura, Surabaya, Bali etc.

7. We are Sole agent for :
a. Tube Polyfiber Brand: structural, Pentair
b. Automation Control ( Auto Trol / Fleck)
c. Membrane Vessel ( Stainless Steel, CodeLine)
d. Filter Media : Antracite ( import) , Ferro, Greensand Manganeese, Carbon Actived ( Cargon USA, KOWA Phillipines-Japan, Cation Exchange Resin, Anion Exchange Resein)
e. Pipa/ connector Sanitary Stainless Steel 304 -316
f. PEX WestPexPipe & Connector Food Grade
g. Catridge 10 ( 5 mikron, 1 mikron, 0.45 mikron, 0.9 Mikron Ceramic Filter, CTO, GAC) , 20 ( 5 mikron, 1 mikron, 0.45 mikron, CTO, GAC) , Housing 10 , 20

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